Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The topic of leadership has been in my mind and I thought I'd write about it a bit. When we hear about leadership, we automatically think of people such as George Patton.  A leader is someone who is willing to take risks by being out front. Leaders show imagination, fearlessness and initiative.

Is that the sina-quo-non of leadership?  A fast google on the word "Leadership" gives me a half-billion hits. The Wikipedia entry reads like a textbook, boringly, I think. Let's talk about the person who leads from within by setting the  example.

Ever notice the person who is always there during a crisis? This person is working quietly. This person is always willing to give you a hand. There's never any question of this person's value system. May I suggest that this person, the hidden leader, is the one whom you need to emulate.  Tell your management about him/her. Thank him/her.

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