Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Do posts have to be world-shaking? I think not. Scruffy is a 19 pound terrier mix. he has floppy ears an underbite and an ever-present smile. When we moved to the condo I demanded that we get no more 4-legged mammals. We had been living with dogs and cats for as long as I can remember. My son spent some time working at the local animal shelter. I never knew what he's bring home to foster. We even had a Newt for a while - and I didn't name him Gingrich.

One day my daughter announced that she was getting a bit tired of her mother babying her. For mothers day she took my wife to the afore-mentioned animal shelter. They came home with Scruffy.

Somebody had brought Scruffy into the shelter. the excuse was a child with allergies. Scruffy suffered from abandonment syndrome. He hated being alone. He tore up the carpet near the door - my wife got her tile entry - Hmmm?

We had to teach Scruffy to play tug-of-war and fetch. He is totally devoted to Judy, my wife. He is the brightest and most loving dog we've ever had, and that says a lot. Luckily my wife and daughter ignore me.