Friday, February 10, 2012

I am a FISCAL conservative - now what do I mean by that?

The United States of America was built on Blood, Sweat and Tears, with apologies to the late Sir Winston Churchill. I am the grandson of penniless European immigrants. I live a good, comfortable middle-class life.   My grandfather worked in a sweatshop. My father sold shirts. I served in the US Air Force, and using my educational benefits finished college and grad-school. Here we have the American dream.

Why do I mention that? As a Fiscal  Conservative I believe that people can rise on their own merits. People will provide their own incentive if they are allowed to. The Constitution is there to provide a small, efficient government which will allow this to happen.

As a Fiscal Conservative I do not understand how people who believe as I do somehow are identified as wanting the government to insert itself in our private life. Nowhere in the Constitution do I read anything about who can marry whom. A person's individual sexual identity is their concern. We do not have the right to legislate about it.

I personally have grave doubts about abortion, however forcing a young girl to carry to term after a rape. is wrong. If I have a choice between the life of my wife or an unborn child, I will always choose my wife.  These are personal decisions that must be made by the family and doctor.

If my church decides not to provide instruction on family planning and I disagree - my choice is to stay or find a Church that is more closely aligned to my personal opinion. The government has no right to interfere in any of these decisions. People will make the correct life-decisions based on their situation. The government does not have the right to interfere.

I am a Fiscal Conservative - I am NOT a Social Conservative. This philosophy will guide me when I vote.


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