Thursday, March 15, 2012


As I understand it, one way that the President intends to pay for his new single payer-healthcare system is by taking money from Medicare. That will force a lot of us old veterans onto the VA system, just as it is being overwhelmed by our young GI's returning from the Middle East. This sounds like a major domino effect to me.

Why do I care? I have End Stage Renal Disease. I lost a kidney due to an auto-pedestrian accident - I was hit by a man driving a truck. I am on Dialysis. I am expensive to keep alive. Medicare pays this bill. I have medical insurance to pick up the slack.

A bit about me.  I am  on Social Security-Disability.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, I spent over 20 years as a Boy Scout leader. I taught at a local college evenings and weekends. I have been paying into Social Security for about 50 years. I have been paying into Medicare since day 1 of the program.

I have never taken a nickel that I didn't earn. I feel that I have earned the support that I get.  You are welcome to disagree.

Please elect a President, Senators and Representatives who will straighten out the fiscal mess that we are in without weakening our nation.

G-d Bless These United States of America

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