Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christmas in Southeast Asia

I spent 1968-69 in Southeast Asia. At Christmas time I was at Korat AFB in Thailand. We were told that Bob Hope would be at the Base. I got there the afternoon before the show and we pretty much partied overnight waiting for Mr. Hope and company.

He brought Ann-Margaret, Rosie Greer, the Gold-diggers and his usual gang. Jerry Colona and his Dolores Hope were unable to be there. The show was great - the banter between Hope and us was one thing that was unexpected and fun. At the end of the show Hope explained that they would be doing Silent Night with the Cameras on us. His wife normally led the singing, but was home ill. So he and the cast led us.

Can you imagine a few hundred GI's singing and crying simultaneously? It was one of the most memorable events in my young life.


  1. I was working on this and it has never been posted. I thought that you might enjoy it/


  2. That sounds like such a wonderful experience!

  3. Sian - it was the bright spot of a deeply screwed year. BTW Welcome to my blog!