Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Brave New World, or was it.

What follows is a small section from my next book "Recovering From the Sixties". Criticism is welcome and requested?

The sixties were coming to an end. The honest fight for civil rights had been replaced by a violent anti-violence movement. Beatniks were replaced by hippies. Sitting around singing folk songs with the backing of bongo drums and guitars were replaced with the loud, booming repetitive noise of three and four chord rock and roll. The Beatles “Love, Love Me Do” was replaced by anything by the Fuggs. 

Woodstock, that paean to civilization was held on August 15, 1969, peculiarly the day that I got on the airplane to return to the States from Southeast Asia. Bob Dylan showed amazing taste by choosing that day to embark on the QE2 to England.  What started as a dedication to free love degraded to a romp in the mud. Am I ranting? I guess I am.  


  1. Have you gone to my blog: hpflomberg.blogspot.com?
    I'm trying to post something daily

  2. Not so much ranting as musing....

    1. Quite valid - I'll change the source to reflect that

  3. It was very transforming. Not sure it was good.

  4. Perhaps you might read the source, D.