Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Predictions

1. The Republican convention will be deadlocked and in a massive drunken stupor - Nancy Pelosi will be nominated to run on the Republican ticket.
2. A third party - the Mugwumps - will stage a comeback and Lee Aaker will be elected as President carrying all 57 states. Lee Aaker was the kid on the Rin-tin-tin tv show in the 50's.
3. Lady Gaga will be nominated for the US Supreme Court.
4. The Graphic Novel  "Batman gets Poison Oak" will win the Nobel Prize for Literature.
5. Dave and Deb Flomberg will be astounded at the quality of their father's sense of humor.

Note:  The Mugwumps were Republican political activists who bolted from the United States Republican Party by supporting    Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland in the United States presidential election of 1884


  1. Too funny and probably accurate as well!

  2. I think Lady Gaga would be comparable to a few of the Justices, actually. I knew Lee briefly in the AF

  3. I have another prediction for you Howard. BL goes on a shooting rampage if your predictions come true! LOL