Monday, December 5, 2011

Editing, editing, editing

I've got this disease - it's called editing. Every time I read a paragraph I want to rip it out and re write it. I think I've rewritten the book thrice already. I sent it to a friend who has impressed me with her writing style. She ripped me a new one "You write like a Business School grad." "Err I am a business school grad." "I use too many bulleted lists. " Those are the nice comments. Ok, rewrite.

I did another pass, rewriting major sections. Then my son and heir commented on my use of Capitals letters Everywhere. oops - re-check and modify.

I've been writing since Mrs. Skulsy's class in PS 19, Brooklyn. Do I need to go back?

I'm too old to learn anything new! Or is that just a defeatist attitude? Do I need to go back and rewrite this blog entry?


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