Sunday, December 4, 2011

Who am I?

I finally retired. After being a system developer - I was around computers since 1966 - for decades. I was involved in projects in every role from jr. programmer through project manager. Way back in 1978 I started teaching college part time. I taught COBOL and the old mainframe stiff till the industry changed. I started teaching Management Science (Statistic) some years later.

Health problems got in my way. The constant stress of project work and then some actual physical problems stopped me and I retired. Now how does a man who has been actively working since he was 15 (in 1962?) keep from going bonkers?

I wrote a textbook a few years ago. I then wrote a couple of small books - Ok, what now? I put it all together onto a 240 page tome, My son Dave did the cover for me. Some friends tore my writing style apart. It's written.

Now How do I sell it?

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