Friday, July 19, 2013

Dialysis & Medicare

In response to my fight to reverse medicare's attack on dialysis, A well known MD sent me this. I did remove all names:

I am spending hours every week fighting with Medicare who now denies life saving drugs (cell cept, rituxan etc) that  my patients have been on successfully for years. 

They now have low level government bureaucrats send me form letters rejecting my written appeals. They never have a physician/medical director review these cases in contrast to every insurance company. We are seeing socialized medicine rapidly evolve into the European style which rations medical treatment by non accountable clerical individuals. 

Medicare used to be a great insurance plan…it never was an entailment since eligible seniors paid into this program their entire working lives. As Medicare has gotten worse in the last 3 years,  I share your concern Obama care will make care for patients even more of a problem. We will do what we can at Our Hospital to provide the best quality care for our patients until our Government transforms our nation’s healthcare system to that of Europe, which is a fine system ……..unless you have a serious illness. 

Join my fight. The word IS getting out


 p.s. I've paid into Medicare for 50 years - Howie

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