Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't you love it?

NO, I didn't post yesterday. I had an unbreakable morning appointment. I scheduled my day around it. When I got there I was greeted with the words "Didn't anyone call you?" Err - no?

I'm sure that it as an honest mistake, yet "ZOUNDS", "REALLY".

I am no longer Middle Aged. I have crossed the line from Middle Aged to Elderly. Funny thing tough, mentally I feel no different than I did in my - let's see - err - twenties? Yeah, outwardly I'm that crotchety old guy in a wheel chair, sucking oxygen. But inside there's that young guy screaming - "Hey, what about me?"

I was raised in a different universe. I still say "Please" and "Thank you". When I'm motoring down one of the paths in my Electric Chair and someone steps out of my way I say "Thank you sir/ma'am". When I meet someone I still call them sir or ma'am, even though inside I'm screaming, "what the hell do you know you know you young punk?" This "young punk thing" now extends to people in their fifties.

I must admit though, the other day I saw a twenty-ish man playing with his two young kids and the only emotion that I felt was jealousy. Was I jealous of his youth or the fact that he had two youngsters? Does it matter?


  1. It's heck getting old. Bodies get old but hearts do not. That young man with the kids will be in our shoes someday, too...

  2. But he has memories that some of us do not. My memories of playing with my kids are my fondest.