Sunday, July 14, 2013

And an announcement from our sponsor

My son and heir has a book out "Management for Zombies". he has a radio interview scheduled here

Dave Flomberg is the author of Management for Zombies.  Dave used to drink for a living, covering bars and clubs across Colorado for the Rocky Mountain News in his column, “The Buzz.” Sadly, that kind of career is more of a labor of love than a real payday, so he supplemented his income by selling out for the corporate dreams of health benefits, home ownership and working for The Man. It wasn’t long before he discovered he was marching with a zombie horde in and out of the office every day, and decided to capture the experience in this handy how-to on managing a staff of bloodthirsty flesh- eaters who want nothing more than enough to live on and maybe a really rare steak once in a while. Join me for a very entertaining hour as we discuss humor in literature. 
Time: July 17, 2013 from 5pm to 6pm
Location: CTR Network
Event Type: live, show


  1. Sounds like it might be rather entertaining, given I know your humor and knowing the apple didn't fall from the tree. I'll see if I can tun in!! Remind me again on Wednesday!!

  2. I'l get it autographed for you, Trina