Friday, July 12, 2013

This is Probably a Trivial Post.

I love writing. It doesn't pay much. It's great retirement fare, however. My last book, Stumbling Through the Sixties has gotten some great reviews, both personal and written. I seem to have developed a writing style that is easy to read. 

Now I'm writing the sequal Recovering From the Sixties. This one is a lot harder to put in paper. The ideas are there but they are not forming into concepts that I can put down on paper. 

My biggest problem has always been personal discipline. This blog is a daily activity. If the discipline of a daily writing schedule can ingrain itself into me, Perhaps?

I welcome ideas and suggestions on topics for the blog. Those of you who went through the sixties, how did it affect you afterwards. I'll credit you in the book if I use your ideas. Promise.

Oh and by the way. I notice that the most read post in this blog was a section from my next book -- well, not a bad idea, see you tomorrow.


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  1. What interests me about the sixties is the differences between it and the decade before it. I see the fifties - the Leave it to Beaver era - as being very repressive. There were lots of social 'rules'. I think the sixties were a reaction to this, as if the rubber band finally snapped. And now i wonder if we're moving slowly back... Do you see any social trends in the sixties that have led to the things we're experiencing now?